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Aksh Vyas KG 2

Aksh is very good boy. I am really very happy about aksh’s physical and mental growth It is really amazing growth. Thanks to SRCS team and school faculty. 

Mrs. Divya Vyas and Mr. Niraj Vyas, parents of Master Aksh Vyas of KG 2

Rudransh Sharma KG 2

Thank you maam for so much support  and guidance.

Mrs. Mayuri Sharma and Mr. Ruchir Sharma, parents of Master Rudransh Sharma of KG 2.

Darsh Kala KG 2

I am  very happy to see Darsh”s result he is improving in all subjects .

Mrs. Parul Kala and Mr. Sourabh Kala, parents of Master Darsh Kala of KG 2

Hardit Kaur Class KG 2

Thanks a ton teachers ! we are really blessed and satisfied .Thanks again

Mrs. Jaspreet Kaur Saluja and Mr. Sandeep Singh Saluja, parents of Baby Hardit Kaur of Class KG 2

Sparsh Jadon Class 2

Sparsh is grooming continuously, so we are very happy with SRCS. We have no issue with SRCS.

Mrs. Karuna Jadon and Mr. Chandra Mohan Singh Jadon, parents of Sparsh Jadon of Class 2

Hiya Beliya Class 2

Hiya become more confident on stage, So thanks ma’am. Very great efforts.

Mrs. Astha Beliya and Ms. Astha Beliya, paretnts of Baby Hiya Beliya of Class 2

Labdhi Dhabria Class 1

Dear Deepali Ma’am Thank you so much for grooming Labdhi and all your kids so well. One of the best person I have ever met.

Mrs. Neha Dhabria and Mr. Vipul Dhabria, parents of Labdhi Dhabria of Class 1

Dirgh Patel Class 1

I feel lot of improvement in my kid due to class teacher .SRCS is such a good School.

Mrs. Nisha Patel and Mr. Amrat Patel, parents of Master Dirgh Patel of Class 1

Lavishka Artwani Class 1

Thanks a lot for being there. I am really glad to have you as a class teacher. Thank you Ma’am

Mrs. Dishita Artwani and Mr. Nitin Artwani, parents of Baby Lavishka Artwani of Class 1

Samaira Sharma Class 1

The class teacher is very excellent. She makes the student understand everything, and I think under her guidance samaira will be grow up as a bright student.

Mrs Babli Sharma and Mr. Santosh Sharma, parents of Baby Samaira Sharma of Class 1

Swapnil Chaudhary Class 1

We like the way of teaching and behavior of class teacher we wish you keep the way of teaching and behavior as same as you are.

Mrs. Hema Chaudhary and Mr. Dilip Chaudhary, parents of Master Swapnil Chaudhary of Class 1

Jaanush Kohli Class 1

Honest feed backs by Deepali Ma’am .She  always helps me to improve my son’s performance.

Mrs. Anusha Kohli and Mr. Anirudh Kohli, parents of Jaanush Kohli of Class 1

Aadhyant Shrivastav Class 1

The school is amazing. The teacher is very competent, always attentive to all the questions that involve the development and learning of the children .My son loves the class teacher and the school.

Mrs  Monika Shrivastava and Mr. Prasheel Shrivastava, parents of Master Aadhyant Shrivastav of Class 1.

Aaditya Mandloi Class 1

This year I can see tremendous change in  Aaditya Class teacher is very understanding and creative she find out the positive points of my son and working in positive direction with him. I am so happy to have her as a class teacher of my ward.

Mrs. Monika Mandloi and Mr. Kapil Mandloi, parents of Master Aaditya Mandloi of Class 1

Revanya Dwivedi Class 2

I am happy. Keep it up!

Mrs. Richa Dwivedi and Mr. Rajat Dwivedi, parents of Baby Revanya Dwivedi of Class 2

Misthi Singhal Class 2

The school Management & staff, as teachers are good for supporting us. We are proud of being my child here.

Mrs. Shweta Singhal and Mr. Shivkumar Singhal, parents of Baby Misthi Singhal of Class 2

Himonish Beliya Class 2

Himonish give great response on his concept & he takes some interest on writing. So thanks for cooperating with him.

Mrs. Astha Beliya and Mr. Deepak Beliya, parents of Master Himonish Beliya of Class 2

Ashpreet Kaur Gill Class 2

Thanks for your support to develop her skills. Request your effort & guidance for her focus/concentration issues.

Mrs. Shipla Kaur Gill and Mr. Mandeep Singh Gill, parent of Baby Ashpreet Kaur Gill of Class 2

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