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Hitansh Jain Nursery

I am satisfied with the performance of my child. I am also satisfied with the teachers the way she teach. My child is very happy in school.

Mrs. Neelam Jain and Mr. Vikas Jain, parents of Master Hitansh Jain of Nursery

Ritika Agrawal Class 1

Very happy with my daughter’s improvement.

Mrs. Ankita Agrawal and Mr. Rahul Agrawal, parents of Baby Ritika Agrawal of Class 1

Abhijay Singh Rathore Class 1

Performance of my child is good.

Mrs. Rashmi Singh and Mr. Bali Pratap Singh, parents of Master Abhijay Singh Rathore of Class 1

Diya Patel Class 1

SRCS is a very good school. My child Diya is showing improvement.

Mrs. Nisha Patel and Mr. Amral Patel, parents of Baby Diya Patel of Class 1

Aditi Jadon Class 1

 Aditi is growing continuously. We are very happy with SRCS.

Mrs. Karuna Jadon and Mr. C. M. Jadon, parents of Baby Aditi Jadon of Class 1

Naivaidhya Chouksey Class 1

I am happy to see Naivaidhya ‘s improvement.

Mrs. Meenal Chouksey and Mr. Anand Chouksey, parents of Master Naivaidhya Chouksey of Class 1

Himank Rathore Class 1

I am happy to see his growth and learning appetite. Thanks to class teacher for good job done.

Mrs. Leela Rathore and Mr. Ghanshyam Rathore, parents of Master Himank Rathore of Class 1

Gulisha Jain Class 1

I’m very satisfied with teacher and school.

Mrs. Shruti Jain and Mr. Anshul Jain, parents of Gulisha Jain of Class 1

Lamha Agrawal Class 1

Very happy with my daughter’s improvement.

Mrs. Naina Agrawal and Mr. Pulkit Agrawal, parents of Lamha Agrawal of Class 1

Pavni Chourasia Class 1

Overall progress is quite satisfactory in Pavni.

Mrs. Supriya Chourasia and Mr. Ankit Chourasia, parents of Baby Pavni Chourasia of Class 1

Manya Jain Class 1

We as Manya’s parents are extremely happy to see her blossoming in hands of teacher, here in SRCS.

Mrs. Nidhi Jain and Mr. Rahul Jain, parents of Baby Manya Jain of Class 1

Sarth Neema KG I

Total activities are excellent. Overall good.

Mrs. Meekita Neema and Mr. Sachin Neema, parents of Master Sarth Neema of KG I

Pahal Diseja Nursery

Imrovement is seen in all the aspects. Thank you for all efforts for children by teachers.

Mrs. Pakshi Diseja and Mr. Vikas Diseja, parents of Baby Pahal Diseja of Nursery

Anshika Nahar Playgroup

I don’t have words to express myself that you have given to our daughter. You made it a better educational happy place for children. Wish you all the best.

Mrs. Neha Nahar and Mr. Rohit nahar, parents of Baby Anshika Nahar of Playgroup

Vinshi Talati Nursery

I am very thankful to all teachers. Vinshi has shown so much improvements and she has become so much active in her work. Thank you to all of you for giving so much concentration to her.

Mrs. Oshin Talati and Mr. Rikin Talati, parents of Baby Vinshi Talati of Nursery

Lakshit Raghuvanshi Nursery

Teaching staff is good and supportive.This is better way of communication between teacher and parents to improve children skill development.

I appreciate well done Gunjan teacher, co- ordinator ma’am and all the staff of SRCS.


Mrs. Seetal Raghuvanshi and Mr. Navin Raghuvanshi, parents of Master Lakshit Raghuvanshi of Nursery

Dhriti Sethi Nursery

I am thankful to all the teachers for development and skill ability of my daughter. Her learning ability is also improved. Once again I am giving thanks to all the staff of school for taking care of my ward.

Mrs. Neha Sethi and Mr. Shubham Sethi, parent of Baby Dhriti Sethi of Nursery

Abhivardhan Jain Nursery

Very nice school. We are fully satisfied

Mrs. Menka Jain and Mr. Vinod Jain, parents of Master Abhivardhan Jain of Nursery

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